New or Persistent Pain

Treatment for aches and pains

If you hurt yourself today or you have had pain for weeks or months it will be having an impact on your life and you want solutions. At Pain Puzzle we understand every patient is unique – your pain, your history, your life. Each individual patient needs an individual approach.

We work with you to understand the different factors contributing to your pain. Together we aim to make sense of your pain and plan solutions that will help you start living again. Solutions may include understanding more about your pain, reducing stiffness and fear of movement, improving strength and co-ordination,  improving health and well-being. Each treatment is unique to your individual goals whether that be returning to work, playing with children or grandchildren, gardening, sport – whatever matters to you.


Expert, experienced support

Pain puzzle is an osteopathy based approach which considers not just your physical symptoms but the other factors in your life which may have contributed to your pain. Pain is complex and often there are many pieces in the puzzle to find solutions.

Treatment may include hands-on massage, stretching, mobilisation or manipulation. It will also include active movements and exercise to help you regain mobility and flexibility. Well-being coaching is also used to support you in improving your health and well-being according to your pain puzzle and the solutions that suit you.

Osteopathic treatment is safe and effective with satisfaction rates of over 95%.

The Pain Puzzle approach considers more than just your pain… make more sense of your pain.

Impact on movement and life

Sleeping well

Obstacles to improvement

Movement and strength for health

Food habits that help

1 in 4 in the UK are affected each year

Positive approaches to stress-relief

Relationships, support and isolation

Meaning and purpose