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“Help I’m in pain!” Are you are in pain and looking for solutions? – you are in the right place.

If you have had back pain for weeks, months or years you probably have some questions:

Why does my back hurt?

How can I get back to doing the things I enjoy again?

What can I do to help myself?

Is this my life now?

We help you find answers – understanding why you have pain, setting realistic goals for improvement, helping you to help yourself, supporting you to achieve your ambitions.

Getting out of bed in the morning, putting your socks on, sitting in the car or at work, taking part in exercise, playing with the children or grandchildren, going on holiday – every person in pain has their challenges. We help you find solutions to achieve your goals.

The Pain Puzzle

Pain is invisible and hard to understand for you and those around you. Usually there is not a simple physical cause for pain. Pain can be a consequence of many factors which may include – physical fitness, nutritional well-being, sleep habits, stress capacity, work satisfaction, spiritual anxieties, family history, social situation and mental wellness. Putting together a puzzle picture of some of the factors involved in your pain will help us to find solutions.

  • Osteopathic knowledge and experience helps explain your pain and put you in control of your life again.
  • Hands-on treatment helps to reduce pain sensitivity, muscle tension, and spasms.
  • Exercise helps to reduce pain, improve movement and strengthen your muscles.
  • Well-being coaching helps improve your general health and well-being and underlying factors that may have contributed to your pain problem.

Together we will be plan a personalised treatment programme. Our focus is helping you to live your life to the full.

  • "Last evening all my muscles were really cross but it felt like a “responding to a good talking to” sort of cross!  This morning I have tried out the suggestion of walking down the top stairs putting both feet on each step and just doing the last two “normally”- and it worked!  The next time I did FOUR steps normally, and I have just walked down ALL the way, and ours are quite steep - all normally!!  I’m sure it’s the “psychology” - when I was trying to do the first one or two normally I reckon my brain was saying “a lot of stairs to go yet, and it hurts already, how can I do this” but slowly doing the first part, without hurting much and then thinking “nearly there, I can do this” and of course it feels “safer” nearer the bottom and hey ho I’ve done it!!  I love your way of helping me to come up with do-able solutions! "
    Marion Kingham
  • “I have been treated by Deborah for many years for different issues and I must say that she is an exceptional Osteopath. I was quite nervous when I first started treatment and Deborah put me at ease immediately and made me feel so relaxed and reassured. She has been so good at treating the pains in my neck, shoulder, and back and has always been particularly comforting and calm at all times. Her method is highly effective and I fully recommend her.”
    Marianne Hearder
  • "Deborah is an incredibly skilled osteopath who has treated my husband for a couple of back and shoulder conditions. Plus she has carried out cranial osteopathy on two of my children with amazing results. She transformed two very unsettled babies who cried a lot, into much more settled contended ones! She comes highly recommended from the Pearce family!"
    Amanda Pearce
  • "Having worked with Deb and attended her courses I would highly reccomend her, she is a fantastic osteopath and very friendly and approachable."
    Andrew Mac

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Groups sessions for Osteoarthritis of hips and knees

Finding pain solutions

Every patient is unique, pain is often complex and puzzling. Pain puzzle helps you identify solutions and provides you with osteopathic care and support to achieve your goals.

Pain Puzzle Solutions

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Group class for knee and hip pain

Escape Pain course
2 x 1 hour sessions for 6 weeks
Supportive discussion and exercise circuit
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Recommended for osteoarthritis of hip and knee